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Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Advanced Full Crack (2022)




- i just can't get it to work... so i was wondering if someone could help me out janus_: Sure, and to confirm again, there is no (root) password, only the account password. the vbox one is waaaaaay better on ubuntu 19.10 hi guys. on a linux system i have in my webroot an.php with the following line #!/bin/sh exec "php" "`realpath \\server_path\xxx.php`" i want this file to be runnable from other users as well is this the right way to do it? or can you explain me how i can achieve this? pier_: I don't know the permissions that your system uses, but having a line "exec \\.php$" seems like it will always run as your regular user. If that is the case then I would just write a PHP script that accepts a parameter and does whatever it needs to do. pier_: yeah i guess you can just pass it a parameter Pier12345: take a look here yeah i guess i can just put the exe in the same directory as the php script... pier_: you can use -c on php to force it to execute a php file pier_: And as EriC^^ said, it looks like you can do "exec \.php$" if your webserver is not set to only serve php files as.php files, even if they are in the document root. huh? EriC^^ Jordan_U it was not what i wanted how come? EriC^^ i want the webserver to serve this as.php file and not as.php exec "php" "`realpath \\server_path\xxx.php`" is not the right thing




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Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Advanced Full Crack (2022)

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